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Dwarven Bank - Need  updating on construction costs and minor deal editing

lvl 33: pack of cloth, snake charmer

lvl 34: chest of cloth, fire show

lvl 35: cart of cloth, magic show


ID tags have been set up to reference collections in other pages like in quest lines. To reference enclose the entire reference line below in [[ ]]

Collections#Dawn_Knight_Collection|Dawn Knight Collection
Collections#Store_Keeper_Collection|Store Keeper Collection
Collections#Attack_Plan_Collection|Attack Plan Collection
Collections#Scarecrow_Collection|Scarecrow Collection
Collections#Dragos_Knight_Collection|Dragos Knight Collection
Collections#Tower_Master_Robe_Collection|Tower Master Robe Collection
Collections#Bath_Attendant_Collection|Bath Attendant Collection
Collections#Scout_Collection|Scout Collection
Collections#Mage_Library_Catalog_Collection|Mage Library Catalog Collection
Collections#Stone_Creation_Catalog_Collection|Legend of the Stones of Creation Collection
Collections#Boy_Wizard_Collection|Boy Wizard Collection
Collections#Potion_Of_Cold_Collection|Potion Of Cold Collection
Collections#Drainage_Pump_Collection|Drainage Pump Collection
Collections#Powder_Charge_Collection|Powder Charge Collection
Collections#History_Of_King_Collection|History of the First King Collection
Collections#Barmans_Collection|Barman's Collection
Collections#Sculptor_Set_Collection|Sculptor's Set Collection
Collections#Wickerewolf_Huntress_Collection|Wickerewolf Huntress Collection
Collections#Graveyard_Keeper_Collection|Graveyard Keeper Collection
Collections#Alchemist_Set_Collection|Alchemist's Set Collection
Collections#Forester_Collection|Forester Collection
Collections#Royal_Ritual_Collection|Royal Ritual Collection
Collections#Battering_Ram_Collection|Battering Ram Collection
Collections#Ghost_King_Collection|Ghost King Collection
Collections#Air_Bomb_Collection|Air Bomb Collection
Collections#Ghost_Lecturer_Set_Collection|Ghost Lecturer Set Collection
Collections#Mocha_Collection|Mocha Collection
Collections#Dragos_Fighters_Attire_Collection|Dragos Fighter's Attire Collection
Collections#Dwarven_Gatekeeper_Attire_Collection|Dwarven Gatekeeper's Attire Collection
Collections#Princess_Wardrobe_Collection|Princess' Wardrobe Collection
Collections#Noblewoman_Collection|Noblewoman Collection
Collections#Seekers_Collection|Seekers Collection
Collections#Fat_Gobool_Collection|Fat Gobool Collection
Collections#Gobool_Shaman_Collection|Gobool Shaman Colloction
Collections#Royal_Tile_Drawing_Collection|Royal Tile Drawing Collection
Collections#Royal_Bench_Drawing_Collection|Royal Bench Drawing Collection
Collections#Noblewoman_Statue_Drawing_Collection|Noblewoman Statue Drawing Collection
Collections#Royal_Fountain_Drawing_Collection|Royal Fountain Drawing Collection


- Need armor points for each enemy for dragos stable battles. (Done through Dragosi)


- Portrait images for the NPCs

- Template images for Cog Key

- Large images of enemies:  Big Gobool

- images of enemies: Big Gobool, Dragosi (in game Dragosi battle image may not match up with in game model)

- Lots, and lots, and lots of quest images

- Indigenous Spawning Debris images like quest images: Bush (Grass counts as a Bush I believe; looks like 5 types?), Brown Mushrooms, Red Mushrooms, Evergreen, Treasure Chest,  Large Stone Pile, etc? (low priority)

Mysterious Places


In Game Dialogue


Prince Eric: O Great Stone of Creation! Please hear my plea! Protect my kingdom from the gobool hordes!

Gobool: Bwa-a-aaaaaargh! The crystal is destroyed; we have to tell our Master!

Gobool: We'll be back, grrrrah!

Professor: How curious! Where have we ended up? Looks like the experiment didn't quite go as planned.

Professor: What's this power filling my consciousness? I think I can...

Professor: Amazing! I have been subjected to an extremely strong anomalous influence, and... I think I... I've become a real mage! All because of that gem that we fell on...

Professor: Electric forces! I haven't even taken my lab coat off... just a moment!

Mage Profus: Greetings, Prince! I'm Profus the Mage. My colleague is accompanying me.

Mage Profus: We heard your call and came to help this kingdom!

Mage Profus: I see that we've got a tough job to do. We won't be able to accomplish it alone. Let me summon some help.

Mage Profus: Oh, my... Force of gravity! Aurora, we need your help!

Aurora: In which case, I need a more appropriate dress.

Lady Aurora: I wish you honor and prosperity, Your Majesty. I am Lady Aurora la Eleph.

Lady Aurora: I see your kingdom desperately needs loyal allies, brave warriors, and skilled crasftsmen!

Lady Aurora: Together with Profus the Mage's colleagure, we will lead this kingdom to prosperity!

Mage Profus: Colleague! Now the fate of the whole kingdom is in your hands!

Prince Eric: Glory be to the Great Stone of Creation! It heard my plea! Now I trust you to take care of my kingdom. I'm counting on your valor and nobility!