The Royal Academy is a Wonder built to advance the fields of science in the kingdom. It lays in ruins at the start of the game and requires a series of quests and restoration phases to bring it back to its glory.

The Royal Academy is located in Territory #9.


Stage StepProgress Timer Cost Reward CostAccelerate
Phases 1-5 6:00:00 CostFood 1500 Wool 270 Coin 2 30000 HumanHead 5 Bestsellers active ? CostGem 120

Mystical Research

Completing the Royal Academy allows you to conduct Mystical Research.

Timer Cost Income CostAccelerate
2:00:00 Coin 2 100,000 HumanHead 5 CostGem 5 Drawing 5 Bestsellers active 400 CostGem 1440