Lady Aurora is one of the primary non-playable characters in the game. As a result of Mage Profus's experiment, Lady Aurora is transported forward through time to the medieval setting of TribeZ & CastleZ.

Lady Aurora acts as your guide through the Tutorial in learning the game, along with being your advisor and help assistant throughout the game.

Tutorial Dialogue

Lady Aurora: While the prince is recovering, we will rebuild the castle.

Lady Aurora: First of all, let's replenish our food supplies, Your Highness. There are apple trees growing by the caster.

Lady Aurora: Let's wait for the resident to harvest some apples.

First quest: Ripe Apple

Lady Aurora: Now collect the food. It will be stored in our warehouse.

Lady Aurora: Our warehouse has run out of wood.

Lady Aurora: We should cut down a couple of trees by the fortress walls.

Lady Aurora: Send a worker to cut down a tree.

Lady Aurora: Now let's down another tree.

Second quest: Stocking up on Wood

Lady Aurora: To get any kind of work accomplished, our workers need food.

Lady Aurora: Remember to remove the tree stumps, since othewise they'll prevent you from building anything here.

Third quest: Wilderness (Completion achieves level 2; unlocks Field)

Lady Aurora: Now. Your Highness, we can build a Hut.

Lady Aurora: To select the Hut, open the Bulidings panel.

Lady Aurora: Select the Hut from the list of houses.

Lady Aurora: You can only build residental buildings on castle territory.

Lady Aurora: Watch as our first hut is built.

Lady Aurora: Let's use magic to speed up the construction.

Lady Aurora: Now we will get another resident, Your Highness.

Lady Aurora: Your Eminence, if you want to check the kingdom's population level and other useful information, all you have to do is tap on Expand!

Lady Aurora: Each house that you build gives you another resident. Your total number of subjects is shown here.

Lady Aurora: Excellent! Tap on it again to bring everything back to normal!

Lady Aurora: To produce more food, let's plant a field near the castle walls.

Lady Aurora: First, open the construction menu.

Lady Aurora: Switch to the Industrial Buildings tab.

Lady Aurora: Select a field and place it ouside the castle's walls.

Lady Aurora: Now select your field.

Lady Aurora: Order some eggplants.

Lady Aurora: Use magic to speed up the growth.

Fourth quest: First Crops

Lady Aurora: Now all you need to do is reap the harvest, Your Highness.

Lady Aurora: Your Highness, our subjects use special scrolls to write down their wishes.

Lady Aurora: Collect these scrolls from the Hut.

Fifth quest: A Roof over Their Heads (Completion achieves level 3)

Lady Aurora: We are going to need these wish scrolls later, when various shops and stores start opening in our kingdom.

Mage Profus: It is very unfortunate that we destroyed the Great Stone of Creation when we fell, and that its magical power seeped out. We've got to learn more about this artifact!

Mage Profus: Since the magic leaked out directly as a result of our involvement, we are responsible for any trouble the leakage might cause.

Mage Profus: I suggest, we start by finding any information we can about the Great Cornerstone. Certainly the myths and legends stored in the royal archives will help us find out how to restore this unique artifact!

Sixth quest: A Twist of Fate

Prince Eric: To arms! Danger! Gobools... I was reciting poems in the garden when I saw the nasty creatures. They stole our family heirlooms from the treasury!

Lady Aurora: Your Majest, do not despair! We will find the lost items. The green skinned creatures know that if you get the heirloom weapons and armor, they are doomed!

Lady Aurora: All of the items that we require are filled with ancient mystical power. They will help us wind the war with the gobools and defeat those who are behind all of this!

For details on new quests, tap the quest icons.

End of Tutorial


  • Lady Aurora is one of two NPCs who originated in the prequel game TribeZ. There she was simply known as Aurora, daughter of a tribal chief.