The King Statue is a Wonder built in honor of the great king. It lays in ruins at the start of the game and requires a series of quests and restoration phases to bring it back to its glory.

The King Statue is located in the original starting territory of the game.


Stage StepProgress Timer Cost Reward CostAccelerate
Phases 1-5 2:00:00 CostFood 1000 Lumber 240 Coin 2 15,000 HumanHead 3 Bestsellers active 150 Coin 2 10 CostGem 40

Ceremonial Parade

Completing the King Statue allows you to activate a Ceremonial Parade.

Timer Cost Income CostAccelerate
1:00:00 Coin 2 20,000 HumanHead 3 CostGem 1 Drawing 1 CostGem 48