For the Firelands Jail, see Firelands Jail.

Jail. Even the most malicious gobools can be quickly rehabilitated here.

Provides your kingdom with some safety by keeping the bad guys under watch. Jails allow you to rehabilitate gobools and their friends. Defeated enemies will be placed in the jail until the rehabilitation is activated. Only 1 enemy is rehabilitated at a time.




Lvl Bestsellers active Timer Cost Reward CostAccelerate
1 22 3:00:00 Brick 120 CostFood 500 Coin 2 3000 HumanHead 3 Rune 7 Bestsellers active 30 Defense 180 CostGem 60


Timer Cost Income CostAccelerate
6:00:00 Coin 2 1000 Gobool 1 HumanHead 2 Bestsellers active 100 + random amount (2-5) of collection activators CostGem 120

Additional Information

  • Maximum number: 3
  • Each jail can hold 3 enemies total.
  • Size: 4x3
    Size 4x3