Build these Houses to increase your population.
  • Housing produces wish scrolls Scroll at pre-set time intervals depending on the type of dwelling. They are used at trade buildings to make gold.
  • Increasing your defense level Defense will increase your population limit, and thus increase the amount of housing your kingdom can have.
  • When collecting income from a house, it has a chance to drop a drawing Drawing. Drawings are used to rebuild the house into another type when it reaches level 4. Be mindful, as there are quests that require rebuilding with drawings, and drawings are uncommon drops and thus take time to get.
  • Drawings can also be bought with gems CostGem in the store or produced via the King Statue or Royal Academy.

Mainlands Housing Options

Adds HumanHead 1 Adds HumanHead 2 Adds HumanHead 3 Limited Editions
Hut  Hut Manor  Manor Mansion  Mansion Reinforcedhouse Reinforced House
Hovel  Hovel Villa  Villa Flowermansard Flower Mansard JewelersMansion Jeweler's Mansion
Magichouse  Magic House ElvenPagode Elven Pagoda MagicianHouse Magician's House
Estate  Estate Stonepalace Stone Palace Golden House Golden Mansion
Palazzo  Palazzo Orientalhouse Oriental House

Royal Garden Housing Options

Adds HumanHead 1 Adds HumanHead 2 Limited Editions
Farmershut Farmer's Hut Farmer's Manor
FarmerManorGem Farmer's Manor

Firelands Housing Options

Adds HumanHead 1 Adds HumanHead 2 Limited Editions
Deserthouse1 Desert House Viziers.tent.level1 Vizier's Tent Golden House Golden Mansion
Desertmansion1 Desert Mansion 2storyhouse1 Two-Story House JewelersMansion Jeweler's Mansion
Reinforcedhouse1 Firelands Reinforced House Luxuriousmansion1 Luxurious Mansion MagicianHouse Magician's House
Serail1 Firelands Serail Reinforcedhouse Reinforced House