Enemies. Hordes of enemies inhabit the land, plague your kingdom and threaten all you have worked for. 


Enemies come in three forms:

  • Enemy Units: foes that wander around your kingdom and scare your workers.
  • Enemy Structures: buildings that caue negative effects on areas around them.
  • Phased Battles: special enemies that are fought in multiple phases/stages.

Enemy Units


Battle Icon

Enemy units can be summoned by clicking the Battle Icon in the bottom right corner. The button can only be activated when the timer is up and all former enemies are looted, otherwise it will remain grayed out. 

There are two ways to fight foes:

  • Clicking on the foe, which will cost CostFood food and HumanHead worker(s). This turns a worker into a soldier.
  • Using defense buildings, which will cost CostFood food for restocking arrows or rehiring at Dragos Stable.

Defeated enemies can be looted, which provides Coin 2 gold and Bestsellers active experience, along with a chance at the foe dropping an activator for use with collections and keys for certain Mysterious Places.

If left to wander for long enough, an enemy will set fire to a building before leaving the area. The burning building will have its production on pause until the fire is put out.

Image Name Image Name Image Name
Gobool Rider
Gobool Mage
Big Gobool
Dark Elf Renegade Elf
Ataman Fire Shell
Orcum Samum Mummite

Enemy Structures

Enemy structures are where foes find their own little dark sanctuary. It is important to note that most enemy structures prevent you from building on the land around them, indicated by the orange-red tint to the territory. Demolishing the structure will remove this effect.

Image Name Territory # Prevents building
Gobool Lair 1, 3, 6, 7, 9, 12, 16, 17, 24 YES
Trollum Swamp 5, 8, 19 YES
Fog Obelisk 7, 12, 17, 19, 21, 24 No Harpula Lair 27 YES War Obelisk 27 No Orcum Lair 28 YES

Phased Battles

Phased battles are those which require you to attack a particular object or enemy several times. In most cases, the battles are broken down into 3-5 separate phases as indicated by a series of colored dots StepProgress above the object you are battling.

It is important to note that most phased battle foes prevent you from building on the land around them, indicated by the orange-red tint to the territory. Defeating the foe will remove this effect.

Each phase of the battle may require a different amount of resources and there may be other prerequisites you need to accomplish prior to initiating the next phase.

Image Name Territory # Phases Stone Giant 4, 13, 24 5 Castle Gate 6, 12 3 Wickerewolf 10 5 Dragos 15, 25 5 Ancient Giant 22, 23, 24 5 Mighty Joonie 26, 27 5