Adventure Maps are special areas that you can travel to in order to complete by doing three sub-quests. They cost resources to activate (the amount dependent on the map itself and the level) and have a set amount of time. Adventure Maps are unlocked by reaching the appropriate level and completing the required quest.

Adventure Maps have three levels each: Bronze, Silver, Gold. Each level gets progressively longer with more stages to do and a shorter period of time to do each in.

  • Bronze Level requires unlocking the Adventure Map. It can not be repeated once complete.
  • Silver Level requires completing the final stage of Bronze Level. It can not be repeated once complete.
  • Gold Level requires completing the final stage of Silver Level. It starts over once complete.



Adventure Maps work off of a quest system, with each stage requiring gathering items for 3 different quests in order to complete the map.

  • Short Quests produce 1 item and require 1 worker per gather. They gather time is a few seconds.
  • Medium Quests produce 5 items and require 2 workers per gather. The gather time is 1:00.
  • Long Quests produces 15 items and require 3 workers per gather. The gather time varies from map to  map.


Adventure Maps have two primary rewards: Collection Collection Pieces and Rune Runes. Collection pieces are reward upon each stage complete, and runes are rewarded on certain stages dependent on the level and Adventure Map chosen.

Collection Piece Collection rewards generally, but not always, follow these rules:

  • They come from separate collections.
  • If you don't have 2 collections unlocked for the adventure map, you'll receive 1 reward.
  • They favor pieces you do not currently have to complete quests/collections.

Runes Rune and Elven Runes Elvenrune are rewarded five times per level and follow these rules:

  • The final stage of Bronze Level rewards double the amount for the map.
  • The final stage of Silver Level rewards triple the amount for the map.
  • The final stage of Gold Level rewards quadruple the amount for the map.

Mainland Maps

Image Name Bestsellers active Material Cost
Training Camp ? Wood Wood
Mouchole's Village 14 Wood Wood
Enemy Camp 18 Stone 2 Stone
Summer Residence 22 Lumber Lumber
Tower on a Cliff 27 Brick Cut Stone
Dragos Fighters Order 31 Wool Wool
Old Mines 36 Cloth Cloth

Dwarven Maps

Image Name Bestsellers active Material Cost
Southern Path 23 Brick Cut Stone
Mountain Camp 23 Semipreciousstone Raw Semiprecious Stone
Iron Town 25 Semipreciousstone Raw Semiprecious Stone

Elven Maps

Image Name Bestsellers active Material Cost
Province 36 Cloth Cloth
Elven Town 40 Fairydust Fairy Dust
Dark Elf Military Camp 42 Fairydust Fairy Dust
Fairy Lake 43 Magicaloak Magical Oak
Elven Tree 45 Magicaloak Magical Oak

Desert Maps

Image Name Bestsellers active Material Cost
Border Camp 45 Ironbar Iron Bars
Lost Oasis 45 Gleamstone Gleamstone
Ancient Ruins 47 Gleamstone Gleamstone

Additional Information

  • The minimum amount of time required to complete an Adventure Map is equal to the time of its longest quest.
  • If time runs out on the Adventure Map you can use gems CostGem to resume or just start over. Starting over can present you with a new set of sub-quests.
  • You can use gems CostGem to speed up sub-quests (1 for the 1 minute jobs, various sliding scale amounts for the longer ones) or to skip doing the 3 sub-quests all together and instantly complete the Adventure Map.

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